Terms & Conditions


  1. The personal information collected on this form is for use for course registration and account servicing of course-related activities. STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD shall not be liable for any error pertaining to the enrolment of any incorrect details.


  1. The course schedule selected is subjected to confirmation from the applicant at the time of enrollment, However, STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD reserves the rights to withdraw / re-schedule or relocation of class without prior notice.


  1. The registration form and payment must be submitted to STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD registration office, to sales personnel or by post at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the course.


  1. All prices for the course are subjected to GST (Goods and Services Tax).


  1. For payment by cheque, it shall be made payable to “STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD”.


  1. Trainee is to select the correct and suitable language medium of the course (if any) during enrollment. STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD will not be liable for any failures due to enrolling the incorrect language medium.


  1. Attendance

For all funded/non-funded courses, the individual or company is required to reimburse STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD the full course fee should the trainee fail to:

– achieve at least 75% attendance (for worker courses) / 100% attendance (for supervisory courses);

– sit for the exam or competency-based course within the stipulated timeframe upon course completion; or

– show up for class, thereby defaulting the training slots allotted to them.


  1. Request of Deferment / Transfer / Replacement / Withdrawal of Courses:

–        For deferment / transfer / withdrawal of courses, a written notice must be submitted and received by STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD 2 weeks before course commencement.

–        For replacement of courses, a written notice, together with the full particulars of the new participant, must be submitted and received by STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD 2 weeks before the course commence.

–        All requests will be subjected to approval. An administrative charge ($10.70 administrative charge) will be imposed for all approved refunds / withdrawals or transfers based on case by case basis:


  1. Certificate and Card Collection

Trainees who pass the assessment are to collect their certificate and/or safety pass within 1 month after the notification of collection. Trainees must present their IC and payment receipt for authentication before collection, and certificates and cards shall only be issued upon full payment of course fees.


  1. Examination and Assessment:

–        Trainees are advised to be punctual on the day of examination / assessment. Late participants may be barred from taking the examination / assessment.

–        If trainee is found cheating, trainee will be barred from the examination / assessment, and STEP UP TRAINING PTE LTD will reserve the rights to take necessary actions.

–        If trainee fails the examination / assessment and wish to appeal, trainee is to submit appeal form, with a fee of $53.50, within 14 working days. Appeal fee will be refundable if the appeal is successful (except Examination appeal).



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